TCM Cordyceps: The Ancient Chinese Secret for Lung Health

Illustration of the front view of a pair of lungs, with a bacteria in the right lung

The importance of lung health cannot be overstated, as the respiratory system plays a vital role in sustaining life by facilitating oxygen exchange and removing carbon dioxide from the body. Yet, with the rise of environmental pollutants, lifestyle factors and respiratory infections maintaining optimal lung function has become increasingly challenging in modern times. Nevertheless, Traditional

Clearing Dampness and Heat: A Unique Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Treating Knee Pain

Young blond man suffering for knee injury sitting on bed at bedroom

Knee pain is a prevalent concern among older individuals, often arising from the natural wear and tear that accompanies advancing age. As we grow older, our knee joints become increasingly susceptible to discomfort and fragility. This discomfort often stems from arthritis which has been stated to affect over 350 million people and contribute to disability,

The Yin and Yang Balance in Traditional Chinese Medicine and How It Can Help Your Cold and Flu Treatment

Sad ill asian girl staying on self quarantine during covid, catching flu and sitting at home with cup of tea near window, coughing in hand.

During the prolonged cold months, our bodies tend to be more vulnerable to catching colds or flu. Ailments such as runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever have become more prevalent, highlighting the need for alternative medicine and holistic approaches to support your body in recovering as fast as possible. Commonly, getting your flu shot

Hot and Cold: Understanding the Thermal Nature of Foods in TCM

Do you truly understand the nature of the foods you consume? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), foods are classified based on their thermal properties, which can be hot or cold. What sets this classification apart is that it hinges on the impact a food has on the body rather than its actual temperature. The balance

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Nervous System: A TCM Perspective

an illustrated image of the human nervous system

The human nervous system is an intricate web of complexity, orchestrating the symphony of bodily functions. From a Western medical perspective, the nervous system has been viewed as a complex network of nerves and neurons. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a unique viewpoint that considers the flow of vital energy (Qi) and the balance