Nature’s Green is a well-known brand of TCM and health care products locally produced by our company in Singapore. We have more than 400 varieties of products, in the form of tablets, capsules, granules, powder and tea sachets. Among them, film-coated tablets are our dominant product. Not only do they greatly improve drug stability, but also enhance the appearance and image of TCM.

We attach great importance to the quality and efficacy of our products. Before affixing the Nature’s Green label on the products, we make sure that they undergo rigorous validation from the screening of prescription, accreditation of herbal raw materials in terms of variety and quality, optimisation of the extraction process, establishment of the production process, to the testing procedures for semi-finished and finished products. Our efforts to adopt a scientific appraisal method, standardised production technology and stringent quality control procedures have enabled our Nature’s Green brand of TCM products to be regarded as high quality, effective, creditable and trustworthy.

Currently, our Nature’s Green product range comprises the flagship products, main products, general products and health care products. We are focusing on the production and sales of highly effective and high-quality flagship products and main products so as to fully leverage from Nature’s Green brand advantage.

In 2012, Nature’s Green became a proud recipient of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award for Established Brands.

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