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Chinese Medicine for Flu | Chinese Cold Medicine

Flu, common cold and other respiratory infections occur due to two factors, namely the entrance of an external pathogen into the human body, and a deficiency in the immune system that permits the entry. Therefore, instead of directly addressing symptoms such as cough and running nose, Chinese cold medicine prescribes a customised combination of herbs to combat an individual’s unique condition. The primary objective here is to expel the pathogen and restore the balance in one’s body. Depending on the combination of environmental factors, a different symptom emerges.
  • Wind – Cold: Pale face, fatigue and feeling chilly
  • Wind – Heat: Congestion of throat and nose, red eyes and flushed face
  • Wind – Dampness: Excessive mucus and phlegm, muscle stiffness
  • Wind – Dryness: Persistent cough and dryness in throat
TCM examines external symptoms displayed at surface level to diagnose the health condition of internal organs. The human body is an integrated whole, with all parts linked and interdependent. Illness, pain and other health issues arise when the balance in the body is disrupted. Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to restore harmony and comprehensively supplement your health.