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Chinese Medicine for Stomach Problems

Stomach problems can emerge either from Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency. In the case of the stomach, Yin refers to fluids. Where there is inadequate stomach fluid production, harmony is disrupted as the stomach becomes too dry, preventing effective digestion. On the other hand, Yang is related to warmth and strength of Qi. If the Qi is too weak, the stomach is unable to send food down to the small intestine. Consequently, food stagnation occurs, leading to fullness, indigestion and nausea.

TCM examines external symptoms displayed at surface level to diagnose the health condition of internal organs. The human body is an integrated whole, with all parts linked and interdependent. Illness, pain and other health issues arise when the balance in the body is disrupted. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore seeks to restore harmony and comprehensively supplement your health.

Chinese Medicine for Stomach Problems

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