Nature’s Green Compound Catclaw Buttercup Granules 100g


Nature’s Green Compound Catclaw Buttercup Granules 100g


Pack Size: 100g

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Action and Indications:

Disperses accumulation and removes stasis. Used for patients with lung disease due to phlegm accumulated. Helps restore and maintain vitality, build up resistance to diseases, and maintain the healthy lung functions.


For oral administration, take 5g with warm water, 3 times daily.

Side Effects:

Not known.


Not to be taken by pregnant women. Do not use together with the medicine containing Radix Aconiti.


Each dosage (5g) contains extracts equivalent to raw herbs:
Radix Ranunculi Ternati 猫爪草 2700mg
Herba Agrimoniae 仙鹤草 2700mg
Bulbus Fritillariae Thunbergii 浙贝母 1400mg
Rhizoma Pinelliae 半夏 1400mg
Herba Houttuyniae 鱼腥草 2700mg
Radix Asparagi 天冬 1400mg
Herba Scutellariae Barbatae 半枝莲 1400mg
Herba Hedyotis Diffusae 白花蛇舌草 1400mg
Rhizoma Sparganii 三棱 1000mg
Rhizoma Curcumae 莪术 1000mg
Radix et Rhizoma Salviae Miltiorrhizae 丹参 1000mg
Flos Carthami 红花 500mg
Semen Lepidii seu Descurainiae 葶苈子 1100mg
Radix et Rhizoma Ginseng 人参 200mg


Weight 150 g
Dimensions 7.2 x 7.2 x 10.5 cm


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