Tong Jum Chew Pte Ltd has a separate modernised production system for TCM. Based on the requirements of the GMP standards, we have designed a production plant with an air-purification system of Cleanliness Class 100,000. We have imported advanced facilities equipped with multiple production lines that can produce tablets, capsules, granules, powder (both for oral and external administration) and tea sachets. We have also developed over 400 varieties of TCM products and nearly 30 types of natural health care products. This has enabled our company to achieve the highest standard in the domestic industry in terms of production plant design, equipment standard, TCM production capacity, dosage forms and varieties, and product quality management, etc. After undergoing stringent reviews by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore, our company was awarded the GMP certification in 2006.

We adhere to the production and operation principles of “Excellence in Quality and Efficacy”. The various aspects of the production process – from raw material extraction, production, material packaging, warehouse management, to quality inspection – are carried out in strict compliance to GMP standards. We strive to produce TCM products that are of excellent quality and efficacy, and attain the requirements of three “modest” (modest in size, modest in dosage and modest in side effects), four “superior” (superior in efficacy, superior in taste, superior in stability and superior in appearance), and four “convenience” (convenient to prescribe, convenient to use, convenient to carry and convenient to store).

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