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Traditional Chinese Medicines for Hair

Chinese Medicine Hair Loss | TCM Hair

There are many factors contributing to hair loss, such as frequent and continuous stress, anxiety, an irregular lifestyle, staying up late, smoking, or an improper diet. In TCM, it is believed that the liver circulates blood to both sides of the head. When the liver is placed under pressure, blood circulation suffers, thus causing greyness and thinning. As such, supplements for the liver will help stimulate blood supply to hair follicles and regenerate hair roots. Additionally, they provide calming effects that help relief stress and anxiety, two culprits that threaten your liver’s health.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Hair Loss

TCM examines external symptoms displayed at surface level to diagnose the health condition of internal organs. The human body is an integrated whole, with all parts linked and interdependent. Illness, pain and other health issues arise when the balance in the body is disrupted. Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to restore harmony and comprehensively supplement your health.