TCM for Your Golden Years

As you enter your golden years, nothing sounds better than spending it by doing the things you love with your friends and family. Your post-retirement life is something you have been looking forward to, as you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of many years of labour.

Some of you may have saved up for a well-deserved round the world trip with your family, while some of you may be keen in picking up a new hobby such as gardening, carpentry or carry on a hobby that you had to take a break from during your working days.

Ideally, you would be ready to kickstart your adventures the minute you bid your co-workers farewell. Nonetheless, there are only a lucky few who have a clean bill of health as they age, the rest of the people of retirement age may be faced with various health ailments that threaten their quality of life.

Common ailments among seniors

In general, seniors are often plagued with debilitating diseases that greatly diminishes quality of life. As you age, you may experience chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, reduced bladder and kidney function, dementia, etc.

The diagnosis of any one of these diseases is certainly upsetting news, as you start to worry about how the disease will impact your life. However, it is important to know that most of these diseases can be controlled and maintained with an early and timely diagnosis.

Once you are aware of the disease afflicting your body, it is imperative for you to seek out appropriate medical treatment, such as surgery, medication and so on. Once the disease is under control and your condition is stable, know that there are alternative treatments that can be used in tandem with modern medicine to boost your wellbeing and quality of life.

TCM to the rescue

People often turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a much gentler approach to maintaining their health. Thus, it is presented as a suitable alternative treatment for the elderly.

In essence, TCM is based on the belief that there are 14 meridians (pathways) in your body that allows qi (energy) to flow across your body. The continuous flow of qi maintains our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. Any interruption to the flow of qi, such as, unhealthy habits, ageing and more will result in the onset of diseases.

TCM employs various techniques to support their patients, these techniques include Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, tai chi and qi gong to ensure patients maintain a balanced flow of qi in their bodies.

In regards to senior citizens, TCM offers an effective yet non-invasive way to alleviate symptoms and ease the process of aging.

Benefitting from Herbal Supplements

Chinese Herbal Medicine is naturally extracted and processed, herbal remedies have been known for their effectiveness since the time of Emperors and Empresses in ancient China. Practitioners used to source for leaves and plants to cure a wide variety of illnesses.

Nowadays, herbal supplements come in convenient packaging and capsules for easier consumption. There are a wide range of supplements on the market that are used to treat different illnesses.

Heart & Circulation

Heart disease and poor blood circulation are two common problems that affect older folks. If you or your loved one have problems with the heart and blood circulation, you will be happy to know that there are supplements to alleviate your symptoms.

Danshen extract in its capsule form helps to regulate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, thereby restoring the flow of qi in your body. Danshen capsules are also known to alleviate chest pains caused by the obstruction of qi and blood stasis.

Other than that, Ginkgo Leaf tablets are consumed to promote healthy blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain, heart, and extremities. Thereby stimulating mental sharpness, concentration, alertness, memory, and cognitive ability.

Bones & Joints

Falls and bumps in your old age is not something that can be taken lightly, even an old injury from your youth may come back with a vengeance as you age. The degeneration bones and joints is an unavoidable occurrence that comes with ageing.

Conditions of bones and joints are further aggravated by the forces of nature, as theorized by TCM teachings. Wind, heat, dampness and cold can invade your body and obstruct the flow of your qi, when this happens, you will experience swollen joints which leads to the aches and pain that is common in the elderly.

Joint aches, rheumatoid diseases, past or new injuries are but a few conditions that bring a tremendous amount of pain to you or your loved ones.

Fret not! Here are a range of Chinese medicine for joint pain that can help to combat these issues and alleviate your pain, so that you will not have to miss out on your favourite activities.

Bone health supplements are available to increase bone density, nourish joint cartilage, repair bone deterioration, improve osteoporosis and prevent bone fracture. It also relieves arthritic pain, backaches, joints stiffness, hands, and feet numbness.

For pain and swelling, you can take capsules that relieve symptoms of joint swelling, stiffness and pain, difficulty limb movement caused by wind-phlegm blocking the channels and collaterals.

There are also products that relieve the symptoms of joint pain, soreness and pain in the muscles and bones caused by rheumatic arthritis.

Urinary & Kidneys

Urinary tract and kidney problems are also among the most common problems experienced by the elderly. Old folks may be embarrassed by problems associated with urinary and kidney functions, but with the help of herbal supplements, you will be able to gain more confidence to go about your daily life.

Supplements to tackle urinary and kidney problems include capsules that promote smooth urination by relieving symptoms of frequent urination, pain when urinating and cloudy urine.

There are also kidney supplements that nourishes the kidney and alleviates edema (body swelling).

All in all, elderly patients who are diligent in consuming herbal medicine as prescribed by TCM practitioners can expect to enjoy a supportive treatment that addresses their health needs holistically and help them live a fulfilling life.

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