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How Can TCM Boost Your Immunity?

In these uncertain times, boosting your immunity and protecting yourself from external pathogens is more important than ever. While no one is completely immune to disease and illness, proper health practices can drastically reduce your chances of falling ill or experiencing other ailments like headaches, nausea and colds. TCM offers various ways to strengthen your

Why Is TCM Good for Women?

Traditional Chinese medicine can be a supremely beneficial counterpart to Western medicine for all patients, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. It relies on centuries-old, tried-and-tested formulas to restore balance to the body and help you feel your best. Whether it is nutritional supplements or procedures like acupuncture, many people turn to TCM treatments to

How Can TCM Help to Strengthen Your Bones?

As we grow older, many people often become susceptible to various bone problems such as joint pain, osteoporosis and arthritis. This is because our bones naturally lose mineral content as we age, and gradually become thinner and weaker. As such, orthopaedic problems are usually seen as part and parcel of aging.  Luckily, with advances in both Western